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An off-grid photovoltaic system has the primary purpose of providing energy, always. It may sound strange but this is not the case for the vast majority of photovoltaic systems, those connected to the grid: for these systems, the first aim is to guarantee the best economic return. If there is a network you can also agree not to use the energy coming from the modules or batteries in case of bad weather or technical problems.
On the other hand, if an off-grid system were to fail, you would remain… in the dark, perhaps with the refrigerator turned off and without the possibility of charging your phone or using your computer.
For this reason, every day we design specific systems, based on your requests… and they are almost always all different. We are here, all you have to do is call us!

To whom we turn

Help with product selection

After almost 20 years in the photovoltaic industry, we can safely say that many times the ideal system is very different from what you might have in mind. Our experience and passion are at your disposal because the first thing is to avoid mistakes.
Offgrid serves as an expert consulting partner for the design of photovoltaic technologies of various kinds; we work alongside:


If you are a designer, perhaps with experience in grid-connected photovoltaic systems, and you need to define a technical specification for an off-grid system, maybe it would be a good idea to call us. In a few hours, once all the necessary information is gathered, we could suggest the best solution.


Electrical material distributors are our ideal partners.
Offgridsun can be the answer to the specific request that the distributor receives from the installer. We are committed to providing ongoing training to the technical and sales staff of distributors with dedicated appointments.


The eyes of the installer are our eyes! No one knows all the details better than the professionals working on the system.

And how many times have we supported installers in finding the best choices and properly operating the system!


Customized photovoltaic technologies and solutions

Electricity is essential in our lives. Where it is not available through the power grid, that’s where OffgridSun steps in. Customized products and solutions, from photovoltaic modules to batteries, to electrify small and large utilities. But above all, our passion for things well done!


You can find specific products for offgrid systems, from small photovoltaic modules to electronics to manage a system in the middle of nowhere.

We can design the system you need. If you have a need for electricity, we can certainly find the technical solution to satisfy your need. Rely on OffgridSun to provide photovoltaic technologies and systems!


The fundamental difference between a connected system and an offgrid one is that the offgrid one must always be tailor-made. Do you want perfection? Let's talk about.

We can design the photovoltaic system you need.
If you have a need for electricity, we can certainly find the technical solution to satisfy your need.
Rely on our consulting service for PV technology design and carbon credit project startup!


From photovoltaic to carbon credit projects, we can support you from the beginning and define the best choices step by step.

After over 20 years of systems built in the most unlikely contexts, we are not surprised by anything.
We can follow a project from A to Z and advise you on the best solutions.
If you are an NGO our consultancy service is free!
Rely on our technicians to design photovoltaic technologies and systems!


Is your old system not working? No problem: we are confident that we can give you a solution. Problems can happen, the important thing is to resolve them.

If you have a problem with an offgrid photovoltaic system, even one made by others, we are at your disposal.
We are often able to remotely resolve problems that arise during the installation phase or subsequently thanks to the monitoring systems we use for our inverters.

Trust our technicians for after sales service for your PV system!


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