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Carbon credits

What are carbon credits, what sector do they operate in and what are the OffgridSun projects to offset CO2 emissions.

OffgridSun Solutions Training

In rural areas that often exposed to extreme conditions, knowing how to use and maintain a solar system is the key to make it work at the maximum of its life expectancy.

OFF-GRID Experts Workshop 2019

Visit us at OEW OFF-GRID Experts Workshop 2019, from 19th to 21st september in Augsburg, Germany at our booth C015, Hall 7! OFF-GRID Experts Workshop 2019Also this year OffgridSun will…

How a solar lighting kit works

A solar lighting kit contains several recently developed technologies: a photovoltaic module, a lithium-iron battery and various LED lights.

How to size a stand-alone photovoltaic system

When constructing a stand-alone photovoltaic system, it is important that this is well-sized compared to the needs. It is therefore essential to ask, right away, the right questions: