Areas of interest and applications

Isolated utilities

The typical stand-alone installation, to power a house, a boat, a cabin, a tool shed that is not reached by the electricity grid. We have supplied such systems from the North Cape to the Kalahari Desert. Do you want us to be scared of a refuge in the Alps? Naaaa!


From campers to boats, OffgridSun has specialized in offering 12V photovoltaic modules, ideal for these applications. Already thousands of vehicles in Europe are equipped with modules produced by us. OffgridSun is specialized in offering 12 V photovoltaic modules, ideal for Recreational Vehicles and sail or motor boats.

Public infrastructure

In many parts of the world, schools, small hospitals, health centers and public buildings are not connected to the electricity grid or have prolonged power cuts and are forced to use expensive diesel generators to provide essential services. Rely on our photovoltaic systems for public infrastructure!

Pumping systems

Water is life. Unfortunately, in many places the lack of water is the biggest problem. A simple solar pump can quench the thirst of a village or irrigate several fields. We have the technology, let's use it! Rely on our solar panels for water pumping systems!


Water-energy-food nexus: a big word to say how important the link between energy and agriculture is. From drip irrigation systems to food storage systems, everything can be powered by solar energy. Rely on our photovoltaic systems for farms and field irrigation!

Village community

Electricity is also used to power economic activities, both small and large. From cold rooms for storing food, to machinery for grinding cereals, up to the barber's electric razor: everything can be solarized. Rely on our photovoltaic systems for small village communities!