We follow your requests step by step

We can design the photovoltaic system you need.
If you have a need for electricity, we can certainly find the technical solution to satisfy your need.
Rely on our consulting service for PV technology design and carbon credit project startup!

Sei interessato alla progettazione di un impianto?


Sei interessato alla progettazione di un impianto?


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Customized photovoltaic technologies and solutions

Electricity is essential in our lives. Where it is not available through the power grid, that’s where OffgridSun steps in. Customized products and solutions, from photovoltaic modules to batteries, to electrify small and large utilities. But above all, our passion for things well done!


You can find specific products for offgrid systems, from small photovoltaic modules to electronics to manage a system in the middle of nowhere.


From photovoltaic to carbon credit projects, we can support you from the beginning and define the best choices step by step.


Is your old system not working? No problem: we are confident that we can give you a solution. Problems can happen, the important thing is to resolve them.