Malga Lunga

Plant for mountain hut on Mt. Sovere

A new system with OffgridSun components was installed at the end of June on Mount Sovere overlooking Lake Iseo. It is at the Malga Lunga Shelter in the province of Bergamo.

The system consists of 28 “All Black” photovoltaic modules to comply with superintendence guidelines, with a total power output of 11.2 kWp. The modules used are FU400M Silk Plus All Black manufactured by FuturaSun.

The modules are divided into three strings, two strings facing south and one string facing west. The strings are connected to two single-phase 6 kW inverters, which work in parallel in a master-slave configuration. These inverters, specifically for island operation, also work coupled with diesel generators.

Storage consists of GEL batteries that cover nighttime and cloudy day consumption.

The work was carried out by a local installer who called OffgridSun to assist in commissioning the system and connecting the inverters to the Internet so that they could monitor their progress via App and allow OffgridSun staff to act on the programming remotely if necessary.

The shelter, in an area of high nature value, was powered by a noisy and environmentally unfriendly diesel generator before the intervention. Now, however, people will be able to enjoy the silence of nature and breathe pure mountain air.

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