Photovoltaic modules for health centers and clinics

Access to renewable energy in rural areas of Burundi as a driver of socio-economic development

The project, financed by AICS, the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, and supported by ICU Onlus, the Institute for University Cooperation, aims to electrify 8 health centers in rural areas of Burundi.

These clinics, which act as real treatment centres, where vaccines are administered and there are maternity “wards” given the great distance from hospitals, are not connected to the electricity grid and require stable access to energy, to the conservation of medications, lighting during operations and the use of new treatment machinery.

The centers in question are of two types:

  • Centers A with 5 kW and 7 kWh storage inverters
  • B centers with 8 kW inverter and 14 kWh of storage

For this project OffgridSun proposed supercapacitors as a type of storage, winning the tender precisely for its technological innovation. In fact, supercapacitors are a type of accumulator that guarantees up to five times more charge and discharge cycles than lithium batteries.

OffgridSun took care of the design, choice of components and shipping of the material to Burundi, while the installation was carried out by our local partner with our technical support.

The type A centers are equipped with 9 FuturaSun FU380SilkPro photovoltaic modules, 1 Optisolar SP5000 Handy Plus inverter and 2 3.6 kWh OffgridSun supercapacitors. The type B centers, however, are equipped with 18 FuturaSun FU380SilkPro photovoltaic modules, 1 Optisolar SP8000 Handy Ultra inverter and 4 3.6 kWh OffgridSun supercapacitors.

Thanks to this project, 8 health centers can count on a reliable source of electricity supply and the local population sees an improvement in the quality of services offered for the benefit of their health.

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