Pole-mounted photovoltaic kits in Haiti

Photovoltaic street lamp: public lighting in Haiti with 100 W modules

Photovoltaic panels can be installed with special structures on tapered poles of various heights to feed 12 V or 24 V loads.

These systems thus consist of 1 or 2 PV modules, a charge controller and 1 or 2 batteries contained or, in the case of modules, supported by a pole-head structure.

The most typical application is the photovoltaic streetlight, but the system can also be used to power cameras or sensors in places where it is complicated to connect to the power grid; this may be the case in parks, bike paths, parking lots, fields, and isolated areas.

Special IP68-rated outdoor charge controllers are used for these kits. OffgridSun offers Epever controllers that are suitable for both continuous loads such as sensors and cameras and night loads such as street lamps, thanks to the twilight function selectable from the settings.

The controller provides a direct input for the panels and one for the batteries and a direct output to the load. It also has an RS485 communication port to be able to communicate with any existing monitoring systems.

The batteries used are and classic 12 V lead-acid AGM batteries, or if increased hours of autonomy are desired, lithium batteries can be used, which achieve greater storage capacity than AGMs for the same amount of space. Batteries must have a high IP rating to be used outdoors.

PV modules are normally small to reduce the wind load on the pole, so modules from 100 W up to 190 W are used.

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