• Powering electric utensils in off-grid small businesses means the possibility for craftsmen to greatly increase their daily productivity and the quality of their workmanship and of marketable products – powering the informal business sector means generating new, truly vital, income and job opportunities, especially for youths
  • Access to electricity for rural health care facilities means the concrete possibility of guaranteeing minimum standards of service: powering in a reliable manner the entire cold chain for vaccines, reaching out up to the last decentralized post, or having a reliable lighting in the rural maternity clinics during night deliveries at risk – in such difficult conditions access to energy means fulfilling basic human needs and rights
  • For every off-grid rural hospitals and every grid-connected hospitals solar power means having a reliable backup source for all vital services and equipments, as well as the possibility of greatly reducing the unsustainable recurrent costs for diesel-fuelled gen-sets
  • From first computer alphabetization to access to the wealth of resources of the internet, accessing electricity for rural primary and secondary schools means bridging the otherwise ever increasing digital divide – no doubt that in our era an evenly empowered knowledge society is key to generate an inclusive economic growth.