We research and develop highly innovative applications of solar energy.

Our catalog combines established mass electrification products with tailor-made solutions, according to the specific needs of our customers and users.


Our customers often turn to us to ask for a specific product that they cannot find elsewhere. Off-grid systems, in fact, require some components that are not commonly used in traditional photovoltaic systems.

We are specialized in the production of small-sized modules, ranging from 5 to 200 Watts. We have manufactured tens of thousands of modules for 12V applications, with power outputs of 50, 100, 165, and 190 Watts. There are also numerous customizations available for the modules: long and narrow modules, with or without connectors, with long cables, with special frames, without frames, with special cables, and more.

A typical application for these modules is solar street lighting. And for solar street lighting, special pole-mounted structures are required, which we provide along with batteries and charge controllers specifically designed for these applications. Did you know that these controllers use the module as a “sensor” to understand the weather conditions? They are also capable of determining the time of year and accordingly manage the battery to prevent the streetlight from being in the dark, especially during winter. So, if you have seen any solar streetlights switched off around, well, they are not ours!

Modules, special structures, charge controllers, and batteries of different technologies. The batteries are essential in almost all off-grid systems, which is why you will find various types with different technologies in our catalog.

And then there are off-grid and hybrid inverters, available in different sizes, single-phase and three-phase, to cover every possible installation.

Pre-configured kits, solar balconies, small portable solar devices, and much more.

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