Productive use of energy

Water-energy-food nexus: a big word to say how important the link between energy and agriculture is. From drip irrigation systems to food storage systems, everything can be powered by solar energy.

The Solar Solutions developed by OffgridSun for small farmers, cooperatives and community gardens, large agricultural companies, shepherds and livestock farms are a range of solutions to radically raise labor productivity in agriculture, to contribute to food security of communities through agriculture not only limited by the rainy seasons, to introduce new and innovative technologies into the rural environment:

  • Deep solar pumping (wells) for irrigation and watering of livestock
  • Surface solar pumping (from lakes, rivers, canals, seasonal water reserves) for irrigation and livestock watering
  • Combined solar pumping and drip irrigation kits
  • Solar aquaculture
  • Solar lamps for night fishing
  • Cold chain: creation of cold rooms and solar refrigeration to support fishing and cultivation activities.
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