OffgridSun Solar Solutions: we believe solar is the solution!

We are an ITALIAN COMPANY that develops, designs, manufactures and markets solar technologies of excellence so that everyone, even in areas of the world without access to the electricity grid, can benefit from reliable, clean and affordable energy.

OffgridSun was officially founded in 2016, but our story began in 2008 within FuturaSun, a photovoltaic module manufacturer. Today, OffgridSun and FuturaSun are partners in the electrification of rural areas around the world.

OffgridSun’s catalogue of solar solutions combines tried and tested mass electrification products, thus typically ‘off the shelf’, with customised solutions in response to specific customer and user requirements.

We are keen to do research and development on highly innovative solar energy applications.

And finally: OffgridSun is not just about supplying technology. Our customer approach is completed by offering project consultancy, specialised installation, and training of local human resources.

We develop our Solar Solutions to meet the energy access needs of a truly wide range of users:

  • rural households far from electricity grids
  • village communities and utilities
  • emerging rural ‘middle classes
  • small farmers, cooperatives, commercial farms, ranchers
  • rural small businesses
  • urban households connected to the grid, but with daily problems of unreliable electricity supply
  • urban and rural businesses severely limited in their productive potential by the instability of the electricity supply and frequent blackouts.

Our Mission

At OffgridSun we are committed to contributing to the achievement of Goal 7 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development:

“Ensure access to reliable, sustainable, modern and affordable energy for all”.

Our numbers

A team with a passion for the sun:


Professional experience in designing and installing off-grid systems


Entrepreneurial experience in the industrial production of photovoltaic components


Direct experience in international development cooperation


Our journey

One step at a time, with a view to steady and sustainable growth. From the outset, OffgridSun has favoured choices that bear long-term fruit.


Foundation of OffgridSun from the offgrid experience of FuturaSun


Intensive fieldwork in East Africa to deepen knowledge of local markets and players


Strengthening of small module sales in Italy


Inclusion in the Solar Impulse Foundation's 500 Efficient Solutions


Start of carbon credit projects


First carbon credit projects started


Establishment of OffgridSun East Africa Ltd


Our Team

We founded OffgridSun as a “common venture” in the 2016.
But we are proud to highlight the uniqueness of its company profile: namely the ability to combine in its team

  • 20 years of professional experience in the design and installation of off-grid solar systems
  • 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in the industrial production of photovoltaic components
  • 30 years of direct experience in international development cooperation.

Thanks to its ‘DNA’, OffgridSun is able to combine

  • strong technical know-how in solar energy with
  • a solid cultural background in socio-economic development strategies.

This unique expertise gives us in-depth knowledge of the challenges of universal energy access in a wide variety of local contexts, rural electrification approaches and “last mile” distribution models.

To whom we turn

Help with product selection

After almost 20 years in the photovoltaic industry, we can safely say that many times the ideal system is very different from what you might have in mind. Our experience and passion are at your disposal because the first thing is to avoid mistakes.
Offgrid serves as an expert consulting partner for the design of photovoltaic technologies of various kinds; we work alongside:


If you are a designer, perhaps with experience in grid-connected photovoltaic systems, and you need to define a technical specification for an off-grid system, maybe it would be a good idea to call us. In a few hours, once all the necessary information is gathered, we could suggest the best solution.


Electrical material distributors are our ideal partners.
Offgridsun can be the answer to the specific request that the distributor receives from the installer. We are committed to providing ongoing training to the technical and sales staff of distributors with dedicated appointments.


The eyes of the installer are our eyes! No one knows all the details better than the professionals working on the system.

And how many times have we supported installers in finding the best choices and properly operating the system!

Your partner of excellence

OffgridSun is not only about designing and supplying high-quality devices. Alongside the offer of standard and tailor-made products and kits, we are pleased to offer individualized services such as:

  • Consulting for the sizing of your photovoltaic system
  • Pre- and post-sales assistance
  • Installation and on-site support by specialized technicians with extensive experience in off-grid systems
  • Support for participating in international tenders
  • Consulting on revamping old standalone systems
  • Support for NGOs in choosing technical solutions for installations in developing countries
  • Field training of electricians and local installers in photovoltaic solar technologies, even in developing countries
  • Field training on good maintenance practices for custodians and maintainers of implemented systems
Alliance for Rural Electrification

Offgridsun is a member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE).