OffgridSun is an Italian solar company specialising in the development, design, manufacturing and commercialization of leading-edge solar photovoltaic technologies that provide durable and affordable access to energy in the rural areas of the developing world, as well as in other areas with limited or no access to grid electricity.

Our story begins in FuturaSun, Italian company specialized in the production of photovoltaic modules. Today OffgridSun is partner of FuturaSun in the electrification of the rural areas of the world.


At OffgridSun we strive to contribute towards the achievement
of the United Nation’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Goal 7:

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.


As a common venture, OffgridSun was founded quite recently (2016). But we are proud to stress its unique feature: the capability of combining in its team

  • 20 years of professional experience in design and installation of off-grid solar plants
  • 10 years of entrepreneurial experience in industrial production of PV components
  • 30 years of field experience in international development.

OffgridSun, therefore, synergises

  • a strong technical know-how in solar technology
  • with a deep cultural background in socio-economic development.

This peculiar expertise gives us a thorough understanding of the energy access challenge in a wide variety of local contexts, rural electrification approaches and last-mile distribution models.

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Customer Orientation

The catalogue of the Solar Solutions proposed by OffgridSun blends proven, off-the-shelf mass products for rural electrification with on-demand, customized solutions.

We are also curios about researching and developing highly innovative applications of solar energy.

Finally, OffgridSun it’s not just about supplying technologies: our customer support comes complete with project advisory, expert installation and training of local human resources.

We develop our Solar Solutions to meet the energy access needs of a very wide range of users:

  • off-grid households
  • village communities, providers of public services
  • emerging rural “middle class”
  • smallholders, cooperatives, commercial farms, cattle raisers
  • rural small businesses
  • urban dwellers connected to an unreliable power grid
  • urban and rural businesses greatly constrained in their productive potential by instability of the electricity supply and frequent power outages.

Market Reach

We propose OffgridSun as one-stop-shop specialist supplier and competent project partner to:

  • solar companies
  • importers and distributors of solar and electric products
  • governments and local authorities
  • development agencies and project developers
  • international and local development NGOs
  • international relief agencies and NGOs
  • churches and charities
  • impact investors.

Value Proposition

Design and quality control in Italy
High-quality, high-performance, latest generation technology
Affordable to all

Leading-edge and innovative energy technology brought to the bottom-of-the-pyramid, emerging middle class, informal rural businesses, modern economy.

Rugged design and engineering

for energy access solutions meant to last in difficult environments.