Lithium batteries LiFePO4 48 V

Lithium-iron-phosphate batteries 5.12 kWh unit

LiFePO4 lithium-iron-phosphate batteries offer longer life and superior performance compared to classic lead-acid batteries.
Thanks to their modular design, in 5 kWh blocks, they adapt to the capacity required by the various types of system and are easy to install because they are sold with their cabinet with integrated bus bar and fuses.
The BMS protects the cells in case of anomalous phenomena: high temperature, overcurrents and overvoltages.
The batteries, manufactured in Europe, are suitable for 48 V systems. They are also compatible and CEI 021 certified with Optor inverters.
They can therefore be used both for self-consumption residential and commercial systems and for stand-alone systems.

The rack cabinets are available in versions from 2 to 8 modules.

  • Expected lifespan 10 years
  • European guarantee
  • 5 years warranty extendable to 10 if the customer registers the product
  • 97% depth of discharge
  • Easy to install
  • Parallelable up to 32 pieces


  • Transport: UN38.3
  • Safety: IEC 62619, IEC 63056,
  • CE, EN 13849-1:2015

Charging and discharging currents: 75 A (recommended), 100 A (maximum)
End-of-discharge voltage: 44.8 V; end of charge voltage 58.4 V
Nominal capacity 5.12 kWh, usable capacity 5.0 kWh
Operating temperatures 0°C – 55°C when charging, -20°C – 50°C when discharging



LiFePO4 battery 5.12 kWh - 48 V

  • Dimensions 459 x 482 x 160 mm
  • Code: E-MODULE-5.1

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