Hoes does a solar pump work?

Thanks to the photovoltaic energy, the solar pump carries the drinking water on the surface. Here is how…

To begin with: how much water do you need?

The sizing of a solar pump system is based on the analysis of the water request. We choose the pump to make it run at full capacity during day hours. In other words, it have to fill a tank in order to satisfy the hydraulic need during the night, or the following days in case of bad weather.

The depth of the borehole and the distance to the tank are variables and impact the operating conditions of these systems. This is why we size them very carefully in order to grant the requested water rate flow.

How is it made?

The solar panels are directly connected to the pump/engine system through a driver. It manages the functioning in order to protect the mechanical components. According to the depth and the quality of water (more or less sandy water), it is possible to use helical pumps or centrifugal pump.

OffgridSun supplys complete kits suiting all kind of purposes analysing on a case-by-case basis every single project.

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