Energy Station Plus is a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution

Energy Station Plus has been awarded with the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label

Do you remember Solar Impulse?

This is the plane built by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, which has circled the world, flying day and night, without fuel or polluting emissions, powered only by solar energy. The ride started on March 9, 2015 and ended on July 23, 2016. This project gave birth to the Solar Impulse foundation, which selects solutions that protect the environment with a label aimed at bringing the economy closer to the ecology.
It is in this context that our Energy Station Plus was selected and received the Solar Impulse efficient solution label:…/energy-station-plus
With the certification already received from Lighting Global, a World Bank program set up to support access to energy for all, the Energy Station stands out as a recognized solution contributing to universal and clean access to energy.

The Foundation

The Solar Impulse Foundation aims to identify clean, efficient and profitable solutions in order to accelerate their implementation and the transition to a sustainable economy. Thanks to the awarding of a label with high standards of sustainability and profitability, the Foundation can support political and economic decision-makers in their efforts to achieve their environmental targets and encourage them to adopt more ambitious energy regulations, necessary for implementation at large-scale of these solutions on the market.
A way to take the success of the first round-the-world solar flight further.

The Label

The first label to assess the economic profitability of products or processes that protect the environment. The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label is attributed following a strict selection process performed by external independent experts. By ensuring high standards of sustainability and profitability, this internationally recognized label is considered as a recognition for innovators and as a credible marker of quality for solution seekers in business and governments, facilitating their sourcing of solutions to reach environmental commitments.

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