Solar Balcony Kit

The Plug&Play kit that makes your balcony produce energy

  • Wi-fi gateway for control via App included
  • Plug&Play system up to 350 W or microphotovoltaic up to 800 W
  • CEI-021 certified microinverter for grid connection
  • Ideal for installation on balconies, terraces, gardens



  • 2 FU190M NEXT photovoltaic modules – 190 W
  • 1 microinverter HMS-350 W
  • 1 cable with Schuko plug
Solar Balcony Kit
197.86 KB



  • 2 FU400M Silk Premium photovoltaic modules – 400 W
  • 1 Microinverter HMS-800 W
  • 1 cable with Schuko plug
Solar Balcony Kit
197.86 KB


After notification to the local distributor, the distributor must enable the meter so that it reads any feed-in correctly. The energy fed in will be sold free of charge.

In any case, for kits with a nominal power of 350 W, it is difficult to foresee yields greater than 250 W instantaneous considering an installation in Italy with vertical modules. This peak production, which could only be obtained in the central hours of the day, is almost always lower than the basic consumption of an average home, which is between 200 and 300 W (e.g. fridge 150 W, wifi 15 W, various stand-by 15 W, boiler 50 W).

The energy produced depends on the location, orientation and inclination of the module. You can make a precise calculation with this tool. Otherwise, consider an average assumption of 300 to 400 kWh/year in Italy.

The mounting of photovoltaic modules must be carefully studied on a case-by-case basis. We do not believe that a standard structure is the best solution. The safety of the installation is crucial and must be assessed on a case-by-case basis, preferably by a professional installer.

Yes, the kit is considered Plug&Play even with higher module powers. Pursuant to IEC 0-21:2019-04 at definition 3.54 it is specified that “… the rated power coincides with the lower value between the rated power of the inverter and the sum of the STC powers of the PV modules.” Therefore with an inverter with a maximum output of 350 W the system is considered Plug&Play.

It is necessary to send a prior communication to the condominium regarding the installation of a photovoltaic system intended to serve your flat, on the railing/parapet of your balcony, in this respect supported by the regulatory provision of Article 1122 bis of the Civil Code (Law 220/2012). This article granted the possibility for individual condominiums to install photovoltaic panels without the prior consent of the Assembly: it is in fact written that

“The installation of systems for the production of energy from renewable sources intended for the service of individual condominium units on the solar slab, on any other suitable common surface and on the parts of individual property of the interested party is permitted”.

A facsimile of a prior communication can be downloaded here.

The administrator or the condominium owners cannot oppose this unless they can prove that the building’s decorum has been impaired: considering the number of satellite dishes, clotheslines, and other items on our balconies, this is an almost impossible argument to make.

Yes, photovoltaic balcony kits are eligible for tax deductions, but only if payment is made by bank transfer. This means that 50% of the expenditure can be deducted directly on the tax return (10 instalments equal to 5% of the invoiced value).

While the deduction for those who own the property is certain, the actual applicability for those who are only tenants seems more doubtful. In this regard, please consult your accountant. (please verify the appropriate legislation in your Country)

Yes, even for small systems under 350 W (as well as for those up to 800 W) it is mandatory that the microinverter be certified according to CEI 0-21. Unfortunately, there are many inverters on the market and in particular on various online marketplaces that are not certified and therefore should not be connected to the grid.

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