OffgridSun Solutions Training

In rural areas that are often exposed to extreme conditions, knowing how to use and maintain a solar system is the key to make it work at the maximum of its life expectancy.

At OffgridSun we are convinced it is essential to personally ensure that the information regarding the provided solar solutions is correctly forwarded among all the distribution chain, in order to reach the ultimate beneficiary of such a system. The “uniform” information given by our data sheet and user manual in accordance with international regulations and quality certifications may not be understood by the final owner of the kit or solar plant. Such information is necessary but may be in some cases insufficient.

The lack of solar or even electricity expertise in remote areas where there is no electrical network may be one of the reasons behind it, as well as the local use of a language which make our written information difficult to be interpreted.

That is why we are relying on the ability of local partners to receive the information and to adapt it to their interlocutors, and are keen on supporting training sessions for, with, or organized by them. OffgridSun’s team was a first time in Togo in February 2019, 8 months ago, for a joint-training with FUTEC Solaire, our partner in Lomé, CEG Kossigan, dealing with construction and solar projects.

Last week-end, FUTEC Solaire organized a new training session with its team and distributors. From the technical characteristics of our Energy Station Plus, enabling a basic access to electricity with lighting and the possibility of phone charging, to the use of the power box that can power a DC TV and a fan, all OffgridSun solutions were presented on the 12th of October.

Futec Solaire and its distributors are indeed in direct contact with the different populations in Togo. There are more than 50 different ethnic groups speaking that many languages within the area. This illustrates how much added value brings an exact explanation provided by a partner able to evolve within such a cultural diversity.

OffgridSun will also deliver a specific Training in Spinea on the 17th of October for teachers coming from the Republic of Guinea.


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