Solar Pumping Kits

Solutions for access to water & water security

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OffgridSun solar pumping kits are the ideal one-stop-shop solution for providing a stable access to safe water – hence, from boreholes – in off-grid rural areas, for a variety of uses:

  • safe drinking water supply for communal taps
  • safe drinking water supply to schools and health centres
  • livestock watering
  • irrigation of smallholder plots, communal vegetable gardens, large scale commercial farms.

In all such applications, solar pumping stands out as the only reliable, sustainable and cost-competitive alternative to diesel-fuelled pumps.


Ready Kits and Tailor-Made Solutions

The OffgridSun solar pumping kits come in standardized power sizes, to suit a wide range of lift values and water flow needs. Tailor-made solutions are promptly designed on demand.


OffgridSun pumping kits – coming complete with pumps, pump drives, solar modules and module supporting structures – have an even more attractive price: for the easiest possible affordability by every people in need of water access.

At the same time – sticking to OffgridSun’s commitment not to compromise about quality, we proudly deliver pumping solutions designed and made in Italy.

  • High-efficiency crystalline solar modules – 15 years product warranty (100, 165, 280 Wp)
  • Made in Italy aluminium supporting structure: extremely light, quick to install, rust-free.
  • Made in Italy pump drive, suitable to any DC or AC power source
  • Made in Italy high-performance solar pump: built-in electronics for the easiest installation, dry run protection, enhanced tolerance to sandy water.
  • Pump operation stops automatically at sunset or when the full tank capacity is reached.
  • Upon request, we can provide a system to be remoted controlled by smartphone in order to monitor multiple operating parameters simultaneously and to get statistics of energy consumption and check alarms history. 

Solar Pumping:
a cheaper and cleaner way to access groundwater

OffgridSun is committed to provide solar pumping systems to get access to water (for human consumption, irrigation, cattle watering) at an affordable price for communities and farmers.

Watch the video of the World Bank on the “double dividend” (economic, environmental) of this solar technology.

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