Off grid power for the sustainable management of ecosystems in Honduras

“Rural Honduras is a place with many faces: Ecological abundance collides with extreme economic poverty. Scenic beauty surrounds social violence. Preserving local nature and strengthening financial stability must go hand in hand. It makes us all the happier that Offgridsun solutions can now contribute to this cause”.

Our Honduran partner Innovative Business Solutions (IBS) has installed 182 solar systems for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). First of all, the aim or the Small Grants Program (PPD) is a to strengthen community participation in environmental management and sustainable development. In other words, the organised community develops alternatives that use and manage the ecosystem sustainably. At the same time, this generates sources of environmentally responsible income.

Now four rural communities with conditions of extreme poverty are developing projects. They improve their living conditions, allow children to study in the evening and found little enterprises. Soon, a video will show the results of the project. Offgridsun will be happy to follow up and find out which progress the people of the project have made.

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