Off-grid lighting and charging solar kits: changing daily lives at BoP level

For those hundreds of millions of rural households who lack access to grid electricity in the developing world – and will continue to lack it for many years to come – getting electricity at home thanks to a off-grid lighting and charging solar kit means a tangible, powerful change in their daily lives:

With Offgridsun solar lighting solutions you can:

  • getting rid of kerosene lamps, with the indoor pollution, related respiratory diseases, risks of burns and home fire they bring about – not to mention the burden kerosene puts on the budget of BoP households
  • having the possibility of studying at evenings for all those pupils and students who have to contribute to their families lots of home duties during the day: fetching water, watching the cattle, fetching firewood… – no one can doubt that a better education is a major driver to lift rural families out of poverty and the most powerful trigger of social change
  • getting the mobile phones charged with continuity, and at zero cost – which not only means staying in touch with the relatives, but also accessing mobile money services, seize opportunities e.g. of timely sales of agricultural produce
  • charging a radio, the real social media of the rural environment in the developing world – getting rid of the expensive, quickly exhaustible and polluting conventional batteries.

At village level, solar lighting of streets and marketplaces and solar-powered communal TV means enhanced possibilities of social interaction and access to information, knowledge, entertainment – bringing new life in the neglected, impoverished and depopulating rural areas of the global South.