Carbon credits projects

We are currently developing carbon offset projects focused on improving access to clean water, clean cooking and clean energy for vulnerable communities in Africa while reducing the negative impact of GHG emissions on the environment. Our projects are implemented through the engagement and support of the local communities since the design phase, making sure that the intervention responds to their needs.


The project “Maji Safi, Maisha Bora” aims at improving the livelihoods of about 50.000 people in Kenya living in Siaya County, on the Lake Victoria, by providing sufficient, affordable and clean drinking water to targeted communities in East and West Yimbo Wards.

The people living within in this area currently drink unsafe water from the lake because they don’t have any working infrastructure that provides them safe water. These communities either drink the unsafe water of the lake, exposing themselves to water borne diseases or have to boil the water, often using firewood collected from the surrounding forests as fuel, causing deforestation problems in the area and emission of GHG produced by the combustion.

The project will rehabilitate an old water pipeline which is currently not functioning by connecting it to a solar system, replacing not functioning parts and extending the pipeline to unserved areas. The system will bring safe water to the population by installing smart drinking water kiosks in the area close to people’s houses. The project will foresee awareness campaigns for the population on WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and environment conservation to sensitize the population on best practices on water consumption and hygiene and environment protection.


A stakeholders consultation meeting has been held on the 24th of January 2022 in Usenge (Kenya).

Stakeholders can also provide feedbacks on the project online at this email address:


Here below the projects main documents as submitted to Gold Standards:


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