Power a medical center in the Peruvian Amazonia


Located at the heart of the Peruvian Amazonia, along the banks of Rio Manatì, our solar panels supply energy to a medical Centre that provides training for disease prevention and treatment.

The medical centre providing training and health care (Centro de Influencia y Capacitación Salud Total) of the Manati | Zona comunity, rises inside the amazon forest. In 2017, following an agreement between Peru and the United-States and with the support of the doctors of the state of Colorado (USA), the centre was upgraded and equipped with a solar installation. The medical campaigns conducted by the center have already improved the life of the district. The inhabitants have now access to chirurgical interventions, the centre being also active in the field of training and prevention.

The off the grid plant (1250 Wp) is made of 5 solar panels of 250 W and was installed by Synergia Progetti. It was designed to power medical equipment 24 hours per day without interruption. 

Read the interview of Felice Cosentino Altamore, Synergia Progetti (in Spanish)

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