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Mobile Solar

The solar torch with embedded radio that charges your phone

More than just a solar torch. Mobile solar is a handy, multi-purpose micro solar system:

  • for off-grid households and refugee camps: a safe home lantern
  • outdoors: a battery-free, rechargeable solar torch
  • for grid-connected households: a backup light, for any power outages
  • for drivers: a portable light to keep in the boot, for any emergencies
  • for all: a zero-cost phone charger.

The light output can be regulated at 3 settings: in this way the Mobile Solar can fulfil any indoor/outdoor lighting needs (hence battery duration needs).

Two special features add further value to OffgridSun’s Mobile Solar:

  • in addition to the frontal light for use as portable torch, a 45° degree-inclined light, for use as table-top reading light
  • an embedded FM radio.
solar mobile

Charge your phone!
 Mobile Solar is also
FM radio

Your portable light…
wherever you are.

  • 3 W polycrystalline solar module
  • 1 W bright LED torch light + 0.2 W LED reading light
  • Latest-generation rechargeable battery (lithium iron phosphate, 1500 mAh, 3.2 V) with appropriate battery protection circuit and extremely long service life (4000 charging cycles)
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Battery easily replaceable at the end of life with common tools
  • Lighting run time per day of solar charging:
    • 5 hours with brightest intensity
    • 12 hours with medium intensity
    • 24 hours with lower intensity or as reading light
  • Usb portfor phone charging; full set of the most common phone charge adapters included
  • Embedded FM radio
  • Warranty: 12 months covering manufacturing defects

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