Solar Street Lighting

LightWave, the Solar Led Street Light of OffgridSun is the ideal solution for lighting squares, roads and intersections in all cases of non-availability or excessive cost of the grid electricity. LightWave can also serve as emergency lighting system in case of any power outages.

The Street light system is conceived for rough operating conditions and built to last. All components, in fact, are characterized by a distinguished constructive quality, long duration and high energy efficiency.

  • Technologically advanced. Lighting duration is managed automatically, depending on the actual duration of the night and on the charge level of the battery pack with a significant extension of the battery’s lifespan.
  • New design with a optimized pole-head structure to reduce transport cost.
  • Structure and lamp are totally designed and made in Italy


lampione solare offgridsun - street lighting
Lamp Power. 20 W
Max System Voltage 12 V
Light Intensity 3200 lm
Led Number 12
Total Weight 75 kg
Battery 1 x 12 V; 100 Ah
Photovoltaic Module 160 Wp


Lamp Power. 30 W
Max System Voltage 24 V
Light Intensity 4800 lm
Led Number 12
Total Weight 135 kg
Battery 2 x 12 V; 80 Ah
Photovoltaic Module 2 x 100 Wp


Lamp Power. 40 W
Max System Voltage 24 V
Light Intensity 6400 lm
Led Number 12
Total Weight 150 kg
Battery 2 x 12 V; 120 Ah
Photovoltaic Module 2 x 100 Wp



Designed in Italy

No. 1 OffgridSun 160 Wp polycrystalline module or No. 2 100 Wp monocrystalline modules with 36 cells. 

Product guarantee: 12 years. Performance guarantee: 82% at the end of 25th year


Made in Italy

Aton is the 15A charge controller of OffgridSun. Based on a solid-state microprocessor and specifically designed to control the operation of the solar Led street lamp, this charge controller has the following functions:

– Regulation of the battery charge level, in order to guarantee the maximum output from the energy produced

by the solar modules, especially in winter time

– Lamp cut-off in case the battery is almost fully discharged, to protect battery’s life duration

– Automatic lamp switch on/off at sunset/dawn, with the PV modules operating as daylight sensor

LED LAMP efficiency 160 lumen/W
COLOUR TEMPERATURE 5000°K (cold white) or 4000°K (natural white) or 3000°K (warm white)
BATTERIES No. 1x100Ah (for 20W system) or No. 2x80Ah (for 30W systems) or No. 2x120Ah (for 40W systems) 12V C10 AGM-VRLA batteries, with integrated safety circuit, are included. These batteries ensure high energy output, are maintenance-free and perfectly suited to withstand repeated charge-discharge cycles

Made in Italy

Elegant and modern steel light fixture. The unit and its cover are entirely finned. Fixing block on the arm in die-casting steel. Product guarantee: 5 years
ARM In zinc-coated steel. Length: 80 cm
BATTERY CASE In zinc-coated steel. Wheather and UV ray-resistant epoxy powder coating
MOUNTING Pole-top for poles of max 100 mm diameter (90 mm diameter suggested)
POLE Not provided


EN 60598-1, EN 62471, EN 10819, UNI11248, EN13201
EUROPEAN DIRECTIVES 2011/65/CE, 2006/95/CE, 2004/108/CE

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