Village Communities

To address the challenge of granting access to electricity for those hundred thousands of villages in the global South where the national grid will not reach in many years to come, we have developed compelling solutions which at the same time are appropriate to the socio-economic contexts of the rural communities and offer innovative approaches..

OffgridSun’s Solar Solutions meet a wide range of community needs:

  • solar borehole pumping for communal taps
  • solar-powered water depuration kiosks
  • solar street & marketplace lighting
  • solar-powered phone charging kiosks
  • solar-powered internet kiosks
  • solar-powered “village TV”

In all such applications, we strive to combine rugged design and engineering, for energy access solutions meant to last in harsh environments, inherently low-maintenance solutions, and, last but not at all least, affordability.

In addition to “classical” stand-alone solar plants, OffgridSun offers a double approach to the solar village mini-grid concept:

  • standardized, and easily expandabile, microgrid kits
  • tailor-made minigrids.

OffgridSun products for Village Communities

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