Small Businesses

Either to get first access to electricity or to replace costly gensets or the use of vehicle batteries, OffgridSun’s Solar Solutions for artisans and shop keepers in off-grid villages are the most powerful driver to make the business grow, create new opportunities, trigger socio-economic development in the underserved rural environment.

Our Solar Solutions to energise the business in a sustainable way come in standardised, ready-to-install kits:

  • Solar kits for shops
  • Solar kits for pubs and village hotels
  • Solar kits for phone charging shops
  • Solar kits for craft workshops
  • Solar-powered security lighting (Led light spot with motion detection).

In addition, we design and provide tailor-made solutions for all those businesses which are connected to the national electricity grid but experience daily problems of instability of the power supply and of power cuts:

  • solar rooftop kits for backup power
  • smart solutions for cutting the electricity bill on a continuous basis, granting a systematic preferential consumption of the self-generated solar electricity vs. the electricity taken from the grid.

OffgridSun products for Small Businesses

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