Access to electricity for the 1.6 billion unserved in the developing world, getting rid of the harmful kerosene lamps: at OffgridSun we are proud to contribute to this grand challenge of sustainable development offering solar home systems capable of combining leading-edge technology in terms of performance and durability with the highest degree of affordability.

Our Solar Solutions for off-grid households range from systems for the bottom-of-the-pyramid (“pico PV”) to systems suiting the needs of that middle class which is emerging in the rural context, too:

  • Portable solar lights and chargers, designed as efficient table reading light, too
  • Entry-level multi light points systems, with premium versions coming complete with Usb-rechargeable radio and portable torch
  • Solar kits for rooftop installation, encompassing basic comfort and entertainment DC appliances like fans and Led Tv
  • Solar kits to power further AC appliances like fridges, stereo amplifiers and computers.

In addition to the Solar Solutions for rural off-grid households, we have developed

  • Solar kits for grid-connected urban dwellers

who experience daily problems of instability of the power supply and of power cuts, and are therefore eager for solutions for backup power. At the same time OffgridSun’s smart systems grant systematically the preferential consumption of the self-generated solar electricity vs. the electricity taken from the grid, thereby allowing the added value of cutting the electricity bill on a continuous basis.


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