OffgridSun supplied 5 new solar pumps in Zimbawe

In 2017 Offgridsun supplied 5 solar pumps to the Italian COSV NGO in Zimbabwe. Each kit is powered by 11 FU260P photovoltaic modules. Furthermore, it include a support structure, a 1.1 kW submerged hydraulic pump and a driver for the engine management of the pump.

After a few months all the solar pumps were fully functional, supplying drinking water and water for agricultural use in 5 different villages.

Offgridsun is currently completing the supply of other 9 pumping systems in the same area.

Solar Pumping:
a cheaper and cleaner way to access groundwater

OffgridSun is committed to provide solar pumping systems at an affordable price. Indeed, for communities and farmers is necessary to get access to water (for human consumption, irrigation, cattle watering).

Watch the video of the World Bank on the “double dividend” (economic, environmental) of this solar technology.

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